Chocolate Shop

Since 2001, we have been making liqueur truffles and chocolates using the brand name ‘House of Hamilton’. Originally we were located in Howick, Auckland and grew a business, which supplied many retailers throughout the North Island, and supplied truffles to airlines for their premium class passengers.

FAQ'sIn 2004, we entered the Great Taste Awards in England and won an award for our Whisky truffles.

In 2006 we moved to Whangamata and blended our business of chocolate making with taking care of our guests at Brenton Lodge, our guests are now able to indulge themselves and learn the art of making mouthwatering truffles and chocolates.



“House of Hamilton’s cocoa-dusted whisky chocolate has a simple form and a good size. The cocoa dusting gave it a delightful appearance, a bit like chocolate-coloured suede and contributed a pleasant bitterness to the flavour. The filling was smooth, slightly alcoholic and had a strong chocolate flavour”….

Cuisine Magazine May 2003

“Take one Welsh chocolate maker, Swiss recipes, the finest Belgian chocolate, a little seaside factory, mix all together with skill and creativity and you get award winning House of Hamilton chocolates”…..

Kia Ora Magazine Dec 2007

““Sallie provides an excellent and innovative twist to a luxury weekend away.
Sallie and her husband David have a fabulous lodge in Whangamata, Sallie is also a chocolatier and she provides chocolate making lessons for 4 hour classes or full weekend classes. A fabulous combination for indulging in chocolate during a luxury weekend away. Can highly recommend their hosting abilities and accomodation.”

May 25, 2012

“I’ve sent my friends different chocolates but they swore to me your chocolates are the best – now I am really curious and looking forward to trying them”…

Muriel Gomez (Phillipines) September 2009



Chocolate Weekends
for the ultimate chocolate lover, who wants to indulge their passion and learn hands-on to create hand crafted truffles & perfect pralines.

Chocolate lovers indulgence class
(morning or afternoon)
This class is designed to teach the basic skills of chocolate and truffle making, starting with a tasting of chocolate to appreciate the flavours of chocolate from around the world.

Learn to temper couverture chocolate on our marble table, and make beautiful fresh truffles/chocolates using the freshest of ingredients.


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